Astrologer, Mary Katherine

Spiritual Guidance using  tools of Astrology, Numerology and Mystical Tarot

With Curiosity landing on Mars and realization of the billions of planets, stars, asteroids, how can the study of 10 planets make sense.  The language of Astrology symbols relating to the Planets, fixed Stars, Moons give meaning to our humble lives through their interpretation.  Your Horoscope, mathematically created, from your birth day, time and place, depicts your  pathway of existence. A Life Story about you.  The Planets, Stars resemble or represent the people you encounter on your Life Journey and the situations you encounter. Mother earth supports the life of Billions of people. Your life you encounter a very small percentage of those individuals. As these elements transit each other, amazingly enough, events  happen that are predicted by the Planetary interaction. I interpret these "transits" and receive messages relating to areas which are highlighted in your Horoscope which I relate to you. An Astronomer searches the heavens and all the "cosmic stuff" out there, but does not bring it home to a meaning to you.
 I do.

 I am called an Intuitive, seeing, feeling and knowing information about others. As a child, I was considered "odd", because I would burst forth with secret information that turned out to be true, concerning the adults present at the time. I was taught to keep my mouth shut, but an intense interest in all things mysterious, occult or metaphysical continued. You could say I was attempting to connect to the Universe when I left my Catholic upbringing to work as a Stewardess with Western Airlines. The awakening to what I was to develop,  began with my 1st Saturn Return in 1973. Everyone experiences this 28  year cycle, between the ages of 27 -32. Saturn, known as the "Task Master", challenges you into forced decisions that point the way for which you are destined. It is an ending cycle of youth, stepping into adulthood.  All areas of your life are effected due to career focus or ambition changes.  Every 7 years there after, you are tested as to the decisions made at that time. If the choice was correct, life seems to reward you. If the choice was wrong,  Fate  (Saturn) will challenge you once again to make the right choice. 
the decisions made at that time.
In 1973, a friend introduced me to an Astrologer, Marianne Dennison in Scottsdale, AZ. Her Astrological "predictions" developed within a 6 month period in which began my true focus and journey into the study of Astrology, Numerology and Tarot bringing
awareness to understand and activate fully the intuitive and psychic talents present from childhood. The Journey has included the study of Palmistry, Medium, Tarot, Spirit possession, Astrology, Numerology and Quantum theories.
Now past my second Saturn Return

I reflect, as we all do in our final Saturn cycle. My Spiritual focus has truly been enriched through these studies developing into a very real connection to the Energy around me within my world and an understanding of individual roles we play in our Journey. By sharing my gifts, I have been able to inspire, bring hope and a sense of peace to those who have found their way into my care.
If you are seeking your personal "inner light" or at a point where decisions challenge you, each one of these vast knowledge sources may bring awareness to the direction you are to take. I can guide you into each one or all three, for each study leads to the same place, awareness and a better understanding of self and those that challenge your life.
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