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​​Who is Mary Katherine

​ Our search for life in Outer Space.  Curiosity landing on Mars. The realization

of the billions of planets, stars, asteroids, Galaxies, Black Holes, Suns, Moons. Do we belong on or in any of these?

Heaven,  God,  out there,  somewhere?

Are we running from Mother Earth,  seeking from once we came?

Is, what we call reality only an illusion?

We seem to be in a hurry to get back to somewhere.

Our universe certainly seems real, but in recent years a growing number of scientists have begun to wonder if it’s all just a sophisticated simulation. Are we and everything around us nothing more than points of data in some sort of cosmic hologram?

Perhaps, what we are seeking, is, in Reality our Inner Space.

How can your Horoscope, or Tarot Card, or Spirit message help and relate  to you? 

 Astrology and Numerology are based on Mathematics, the language of the Universe. Astrology gives meaning to the Planets, fixed Stars, Moons, degrees, angles, declinations. Numerology gives meaning to numbers. The Tarot Cards

also speak to you using pictures, that may or may not include Astrology and Numbers.  Using your birth data, time and place, your Horoscope, your Book, Script of Life, or lay out of the Tarot  Cards, that may leap out of my hands once shuffled, I begin to receive messages relating to areas of your life, past and present. After many years of study on the meaning of these methods, plus messages I receive from my Spirit friends, information pertaining to you, or answers to your questions are shared. 

How do these studies give meaning to our humble lives?

I am not sure of the total "how" all of this works, I have learned to trust and share. 

Call it knowledge learned, observed, Intuition, or connecting to Spirit. Where ever the information comes from is not important. The message IS!  Messages relating to you, that only you can validate.  An Astronomer studies and relates to all the "cosmic stuff" out there, but does not bring it home to a meaning to you. I do. I don't know how it works,

IT    just does. 

 As a child, when children were to be seen and not heard, I was considered "odd", because I would speak out of turn, with secret information that turned out to be true concerning the adults present at the time. I was raised in the Catholic Religion, which does not take kindly to what I was saying or my eventual life choice. I was taught to keep my mouth shut, but my intense curiosity in all things mysterious, occult or metaphysical continued.

My Journey began when visits from Spirit friends would awaken me in the night. This was terrifying as a little girl, trembling under the covers of my bed, I prayed, a lot. Over the years, I began to trust "Spirit" Angels and overcome any fears. My Catholic upbringing has been a valuable tool to

Remember, Who I Am. To discern right from wrong, keeping a balance between Earthly Reality and that of Spirit. Once someone passes to the Spirit World, dying, does not make them a Saint. If they had strayed from the energy of their Core of Love and Truth; lived a dishonest, hate filled, resentful life, the energy is carried into the Spirit world until opportunities occur for them to resolve the past events that burned out their Light of Love and Truth. 

     My personal choice, awakening to my Life of Service,  began with my 1st Saturn Return in 1973. Everyone experiences a Saturn cycle, between the ages of 27 - 32. Planet Saturn, known as the "Task Master", is always challenging you to better yourself.

To explain, Lets do some visualization.

See yourself as a tiny seedling, planted in the soil. The dirt around you is Saturn. Mars energy gives you the energy to sprout, but, it is Saturn that gives you structure, holds you, protects you, limit and restricts you;  forcing and molding your Will,( Mars), to push upward toward the warmth and light of the Sun. You never  break free of the energy of Saturn,  your roots are still bound to your past.  Your environment in which you were born,  your  Sun placement and the energy from the Planets, Stars and Symbolism details your life journey. Your Horoscope, is a map of your past, present and future. Your Sun degree and sign, expresses your desire and ability to succeed, to shine. The placement of your Planet Saturn represents your Father, as well as your Teachers, Bosses, Governments, Preachers, the Devil, and life lessons in responsibility, determination and  confidence.  The Planet Saturn cycle is 28 +- years, with every 7-8 years moving into a square or opposition to its natal placement and your Sun placement, when most  crossroads take place.  The Saturn Return is the most challenging, since it is a time for you to reflect on the responsibilities of your past choices.  Every 7-8 years you will be tested again as to the choices you made in the last crossroad. If your choice was correct, Life will be rewarding, or challenging if the choice was not responsible. 

At my first Saturn Return age 27, I was enlightened via a friends introduction to Marianne Dennison, Astrologer of Scottsdale, AZ. What she shared about me was the first time I actually thought about Who I was. Due to my birthdate, time of birth and birth place; I am a  Capricorn, 12th House, Sun, Aquarius Rising, Taurus Moon = Intuitive with obsessive needs to understand the why of Life. And yes, Saturn is my representative in the Universe. MariAnn's Astrological "predictions" developed over a six month period and began my Life journey into the study of the Occult; Astrology, Numerology and Tarot. The knowledge gained from these studies opened my conscience to understand myself and activate fully my intuitive and psychic gifts  present from childhood. 

Now past my second Saturn Return

I reflect, as we all do at this age, on my, our journey. My Spiritual focus has truly been enriched through  these studies developing into a very real connection to the Spirit world and an understanding of our role we play on the Journey of Life . By sharing my gifts, I have been able to inspire, bring hope and a sense of peace to those who have found their way into my care.

If you are seeking your personal "Inner Light, Inner Space",  or at a point where decisions challenge you, each one of these vast knowledge sources may bring awareness to the direction you are to take. I can guide you into each one or all three, for each study leads to the same place, "Awareness" and a better understanding of yourself, your loved ones, and life around you..
 If in doubt that Astrology, Numerology, Tarot or Spirit messages can help you, please refer to my Testimonial page to see what others are saying about

Mary Katherine.