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The Search for Home!

The further I swing to the outer limits of my soul, my reality, that Spiritual place from hence I began, the more alone, isolated and separated I feel from life and loved ones, effecting my choices and ultimately my actions. Further detachment from my inner Spritual Being leads to depression, anxiety, unhappiness, stress, fear and ill health. By Universal design, the pendulum swings to  "Outer Limits", to polarize and motivate me to begin the search homeward. 

The Core of your Being is Love and  Truth

Remembering, Who I Am, begins

I am Love,for I care. I attempt to understand with tolerance, cast no judgement. I am kind, giving, nurturing.

 I am Truth, for I strive to be honest, Fair, Loyal, Candid, real and sincere. My word and action are my honor.

Peace, reflecting on my daily actions, I have been true to myself. Acknowledging oneness with my Spirit, aligns my Soul.

Happiness, emanates from my Soul, Energizing my Being to share with the world around me.

I am Knowledge, for I am a vessel of experiences gathered over eons of time.

I am Wisdom, for I employ my Core of Love and Truth with my knowledge base  empowering me to


A Creator


On, Remembering, Who I Am

An Inspiration by Mary Katherine

copywriter Mary Katherine

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