Dear Reader, the following testimonials are from very special people, who, in their quest, have found their way into my life. If you are one of these, please know that I am very blessed to have had the opportunity to be here for you, now and in our futures. Thank you and Remember Who You Are!

If in doubt "call me".

Mary Katherine

Ok Funny lady, this is too weird.    I say funny because when it has come to business and the divorce you have been really accurate in regards to a lot of the events taking place it makes me laugh.  I shake my head sometimes thinking no way, but then poof there you go.  I felt I had to update you on the latest.  Too funny about the Sears thing huh? You told me about that and said I should probably go for it so here goes. You are becoming scary accurate for me so I am too afraid to go against your advise no matter how strong the emotion or desire.  T 

Thank you for your letter :)  You make me smile just knowing that such a loving person is out there...  I look at the letter did you have to respond no, but did you, yes, and did you respond with a short note that said something flaky, No.  I am so impresses with your time and your care that you have spent on this letter and I thank you.  I have pondered on what this said as I sat in my quit time last night and this morning.  I realized what this letter meant to me. 

As you said earlier this day..... we just got a call with a contract on the isn't a good one but it is a contract!!!! It was an impulse as these folks didn't even have there check book with them!!! What would I do without your guidance and insight? I love you precious one!!! P 

Your email was so correct. Robert (Libra), had promised to call before he left last Saturday, which he did not do. Everything you said was happening with the aspects to planets, was happening, to a T. I loved reading this from a point of looking back and seeing why I did what I did. When I read your email, I began to cry, no sob, because of what I had put myself through. I was telling myself, that I am better than this, will be better than this, and will get past this. I just let myself feel all those feelings. At noon, my phone rang, and it was Robert, apologizing for not calling, and he told me of all of the insanity he had gone through with the person he stayed with in Santa Monica, how he could not use the phone the last few days he was there, because of total lack of privacy, and of the person eavesdropping on his calls. I listened more to what he was not saying, and the tone of his voice, letting myself  'feel' what he was saying. There are a lot of changes happening for him too. We must all be going through changes of one sort or another. My stress level plummeted when we got off the phone.
Mary Katherine:  Many heartfelt thanks for all the info (dream and
your services) today.....much appreciated.  My, you sure, are an
insightful and many talented person.  

Hi Mary Katherine - I've only been there (adc chat room) twice so far, but wanted to let
you know once again how much I've enjoyed sharing a bit of "Sunday
Afternoons" with you, and the truly wonderful group of folks at the ADC
sessions!  Your gentle manner as a teacher, you kindness with questions
(even the dumb ones), and your insights are marvelous - and each of
these times has helped me to look forward to the coming week.  Thanks
for sharing your wonderful gift in this way.  See you tomorrow!
Lots  of love, and sincerest thanks once again, Jan 
journey.      I thank you for listening, I am going to print out what you sent to me so I can reread it the key.  And I often know that someone is listening!!  Thank you for sharing with the journey of mine I have been lead to some wonderful people...once again that proves true.   Blessings,   Shirley 

Hello Mary Katherine,
Thank you for guiding me with your love and support yesterday. You lit the way for me at a time when I was challenged to find my own light in the clouds of confusion. I feel more peaceful today than I have felt in the past month just knowing that my intentions for the highest good have the power to manifest with my faith and trust. It is rare to be touched by such kind and clear energy, and I thank you for making yourself available to assist others in this way. Thank you for reminding me of my power, my good and my strength of heart. May you know all you give returned to you one thousand fold

Hello Mary Katherine --
Thank you for your participation in the AZEC Intuitive Fair on June 29th.  We enjoyed having the opportunity to work with you at this event. We hope that your participation was equally rewarding for your clients and business.  We look forward to a continued relationship with you at our future Intuitive Fairs.  
Have a safe and enjoyable trip.  Mercury is going direct, soon!
Tonya Hofgard

Lavendar Moon Store
(623) 332-6532

Hiya MaryK,
Just passing this your way as I find it fascinating. Also a note to tell you I received my forecast. Thank you as always!! You are the best! Sharon






From the  moment I met Mary Katherine, I was blown away  by her spiritual insight. Over the past ten years she has guided me through  major shifts in my life.

Mary has consulted the Spirits, Tarot, Astrology and Numerology to give me a better understanding of why certain changes were happening. 

She has been so accurate with her predictions and guidance that I have moved, changed jobs and gone through the process of promotion at work, all with confidence. 

If you are in a state of uncertainty about your future or even the next step you should take in life, I highly recommend seeking the services of Mary Katherine. 

She is truly extraordinary!"

J. Flynt 

Thank you Mary Katherine for changing my life, with the process of Karmic Tie Cutting. In one session I feel lifted from the anxiety, anger and resentment my divorce has (had) caused. I have been going to a psychologist during and after my divorce and have been keeping a journal for my anger and emotional pain. My trouble now is when I sit down to write, I have nothing to write about. For the first time in many years, I feel free and ready to begin my life over. I am taking up tennis again and making plans for my future, where as I had thought it was over. Mary Katherine thank you again. With love Christa/ Calif

Dear Mary Katherine,   I just wanted to thank you for the reading at after-death site today, it what amazing to say the least.  I was working as a police officer in '95 when I responded to a shooting call and on the way to the call I learned that the 12yr old shot was my son who had been shot by a friend playing with a gun.  While my son survived and is doing well I could not go back into police work after almost 15 yrs of service.  This is what started me on the spiritual quest to find out my life's purpose.  As you said it has been difficult at times and there are times I wish I could go back to the way is was before...but like you also said there is no going back...I do know that.  But at times question why me...why this path...   I have a opportunity on June 4th to travel to Washington to the White House, they are doing a show with Diane Sawyer and the President on people affected by guns. Are you able to tell me at all if this is the opportunity I  have been waiting for, if this is a open door to other share the story to help other....or if that is not the way I am meant to go at all.   Again I thank you for your time and sharing with me...blessings to you!!     Blessings,   Shirley   p.s.  yes....there are times I feel the angels very strongly around me...all of a sudden I have a strong need to find angels to put in my house...hmmmm... 

Dear Mary Katherine,

As I watched the chilling events in Colorado on Tuesday, I picked up the tablet that I keep my notes on from our talks. It was there, "crimes against humanity that would effect our nation week of April 25, 1999." Your insight and guidance for Al and I have helped us so much. You are always "right on". Thanks again for being you. Pat Elliott, Dallas, TX.

Mary Katherine "Wow, you hit it right on! To validate, Venus......
you really did hit me right on!"e there"  I was amazed....but still at times still doubt and find trust in myself and GOD hard to do. but I guess that is part of my 

What this letter did for me was make me see where I am and let me know that I am in control
of life for me.  That what I value and the way I treat others is important.  I realized that I have many things that I need to get done and that I need to be more of an example of Christ in my life to others.  I feel like I have a lot to do and a lot of roads opening ahead of me.  Changes in my little world  :)  But of course they are for the good ...hehe
I had emailed you a few weeks ago and my email messed up someway I had emailed you to ask for a reading because I have felt at such ends in my life and did not really know where to go.  For some reason the email came back and said undeliverable but I know there was a reason for this first I needed to figure out my life a little on my own.  But I am still looking forward to a time to get a reading from you.  I have many changes in my life some I am ready to move on with in my life some I wonder if I am moving in the right direction with.  But I do have to say Star I love your bright and carrying attitude.  Thanks for writing me

​Dear Mary Katherine, Today I had my MBA class and guess what, the professor in charge of the MBA proposed to us to squeeze the program on every weekend  instead of every other weekend to graduate in MAY!!! you said so, I am amazed. You are so great Mary Katherine, after what the professor said today, I can  only think of you. 
Dearest Mary Katherine,   I hope this letter finds you well....I know this is a really hard time for everyone right now. You are the best I have seen in a very long time. The class is the best. I so look forward to it every week...We love you and Sharron. Love & Peace,

Mary Katherine, thank you for giving me the strength to do what I needed to do.  Although he continues to be a challenge, my life is so rich right now with peace of mind and I wake up happy most days accept when I
am stressing about my financial situation.  Knowing what I know now, I wish I would have done it sooner, but understanding God's time, I know it was the right time when it took place.  I am just thankful that you came into my life at the time you did.  It gave me the strength to do what was long over do.  My peace, joy, love of God, myself and life have returned. I know that there is one more challenge I have to face, knowing that even allows my spirit to be free and open to whatever it is that I am too face.  God is with me always so life is fun again for me.
Thank you, thank you, and thank you. C from San Francisco 

​Dear Mary Katherine,

I had to write to you and let you know how excited I am that the "Karmic Tie Breaking" procedure I underwent recently really workedt feels as if a great weight has been lifted off my soul. My anger has dissolved to a great extent and my resentments are giving way to peace. Thank you very much for lightening my load and showing me the way to recovery. It feels truly wonderful to be liberated. Keep up the good work. Sincerely, C


Hi MK,

How are things?  It's     been a couple of weeks since we last chatted. Boy I got to say as I went back and read some of my notes that I took from our last chat I can't get over how you were able to get so much so right and accurate.  I think you were able to give me some insight on most things threw out the beginning of the month including some surprises a possible death in a family relative or relation and upset with employees and of course all the crap with the divorce and W and just let me say Kudo's to you missy.  You were balls on accurate with all of it.  All of it , including the death of a family relation before the 14th of this month I got word of a passing of one such relation on Friday the 12th, you seemed to even get it right with what you had to say about relationships and romances not being in the cards for me at this time,  all possible opportunities I have explored so far this month were all bust and I still can't get that dare Sagg, Jeff off my mind.  But  want you to know since you have been so accurate with everything else you have been telling me about  I am not acting on any of those feelings and staying away from the sagg as you suggested.  

Dear Eminence,
I love Alan Cohen-he wrote me a beautiful note about my book about a month ago.
I just got back from my trip to Tahiti today and I wanted to tell you that you were EXACTLY right about June 6th being a date when I get romance-I met someone there on JUNE 6TH at 9:15 AM local time (6:15am PST). The whole trip was wonderful because I remembered that I have so many choices in men, life, lifestyle. Thank you so much for holding my hand through all the turbulence. I no longer feel a need to suffer and with that understanding, I have a whole new world in front of me.

Hello Star. I just wanted to take a few minutes and thank you so much for this group. I have never seen one like this for astrology. And you are so good. I get such loving energy from your sessions. I am so sorry that I have not been able to join your online group. 

Dear Star,
I love the astrology reading you did for me when I gave you my wife's
birthday of 4-18-6 who died of a self inflicted gunshot wound on
December 21, 1998 it was very interesting and gave me the validation of
something I thought. Star you are very in tune and I love your style.
Also I gave you my birth date of 7-23-6 and you accurately described me.

Thank you

Dearest mary Katherine,   Thank you so much for the words,  I will do my best.  While at times things are still a struggle  I know there is something just around the corner...a peace, a love, a oneness with myself and God...I am working towards that.  If I could I would like to share one more thing with you that the more I think about it the more amazing it is to me.....someone IS listening.   After the shooting I have tried to share our story with others only to be turned down left and one one wanted to listen.  Frustration, sadness every kind of emotion followed...I felt in my heart that this was what I was meant to do but no one else wanted to hear.  Then I started to question myself. maybe I was following the wrong path  maybe this isn't the way I was suppose to go. should I let it drop I questioned.    About 2 weeks before I got the message about going to Washington, there was a story on the news about another shooting that happened not far from where I live. Two 12yr olds playing with guns....left unsecured in the home.  One 12yr old shot his friend killing him with his 9yr old brother seeing his brother get killed.   Once again I cried over the senselessness of it all.   That day I prayed out loud to GOD, "please if there is anything I can do to help. let me share our story...use me GOD to help others"  Now after I heard about Washington I was so excited I almost forgot about that prayer...until "someone" reminded me, a thought came into my head, "my prayer had been answered, 

5/24/1999 WOW, What a reading! 

WOW :  what a stint the last several weeks have been....and this past weekend....holy cow...basically I am skeptic (yes,....tis I the Scorpio in the bunch)...very interested in Astrology and planes of "ethereality".....but always questioning...then, after today... I actually found myself saying to my daughter...GEES...I WISH THOSE
PLANETS WOULD HURRY UP AND MOVE!!  She thought I was absolutely nuts. Myself...I had to smile aand look out at my garden angel and giggle and say to myself "hmmmm....maybe Star has really got something here!" Soon...I will sit down and write you a nice long letter about the craziness that has been happening very lately!  Gees...will I be glad when it is over...I enjoyed our Sunday Astrology class...I am actually starting to have some sort of understanding of the "workings" of this...although I get all the planets mixed up...but I am learning.. 

Dear Mary Katherine, Your reading was so accurate that I was amazed! In your reading you kept saying that I had intestinal problems and I kept saying no I didn't, but later I realized that I contracted malaria and that has stayed in my intestines ever since. You picked up that I still carried this problem, even though I was not conscious of it at the time of our reading. And you were right about me no longer working with my male business partner, once I let go of what wasn't working, I got immediate results. You also saw the assistance from a female in my work and a week after our reading I met a woman who is helping me promote my business as I help her with hers. A week after that, I met another woman who will help me with my marketing next month. The most healing part of the reading for me was the accuracy of your description of my boyfriend and his relationship to me. It was heartening to feel understood as you gave me your loving and kind support. From the beginning of our session, you described both my past and my present path precisely. You touched the center of my issues and my challenges, while showing me my power to heal and create anew. Your words of encouragement are healing blessings. Thank you for sharing the gift of you with all of us. Love, silk