Are you prepared for life's challenges?

Do you find yourself emotionally charged with fear?

We are Spiritual Beings, witnessing a Human Existence on a Journey, called Life. 

The ancient language of Astrology, your personal Horoscope, Numerology and the Tarot convey information that allows you to view your Life Journey with an objective perspective.

   Insight for coming events provides an advantage in making decisions for your future choices and eventual actions. 

     Isn't it time you awaken to the many secrets you share with the Universe?


​​Astral Logic Consulting






Experience You Can Trust



Mary Katherine has studied all areas of the Occult since 1970

Spiritual Guidance utilizing the tools of the Tarot, Numerology and Astrology


Mary Katherine' is gifted with intuitive messages with the assistance of the Tarot cards, Numerology and Astrology